Snitches on the "Left"

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Mon Apr 15 08:39:15 MDT 1996


2) raising fears about imminent Nazi takeover is also a way of
>convincing the wavering to pull the lever for Clinton. If you tell them
>that despite the minimal differences between Clinton & Dole that the Nazis
>will have Dole's ear but not Clinton's, it will sometimes push them over
>the line.

Isn't this true though? Dole is certainly more strongly influenced by the
Christian Coalition and possibly even by big business (note Clinton vetoed
the Republican "tort reform" bill -- concern for the trial lawyers or the
American consumer? and the "partial-birth abortion" ban). The CC and the
totalitarian corporations are certainly the two biggest potential sources
of modern-day "fascism" (friendly fascism? general bad authoritarian
ultrarightness? you pick the term) in the country. I'd vote for Clinton
myself if he wasn't lying murdering scum.


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