re-sex and culture

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Mon Apr 15 09:23:27 MDT 1996

>re-sex & culture
>Coming from an anti-traditional milieu and entering a
>traditional culture - going home to someone else's home, in
>another country or another neighbourhood - how  can the
>traditions of oppression be challenged
>without alienating  those who are oppressed?

I don't think this is possible. Not only do people grow fond of or used to
their chains, often their first reaction is to call you a slaver when you
point out very nicely that they're wearing them. In order to challenge many
traditional beliefs (including that of the typical American worker in the
relative beneficence of his government, corporate elite, etc.), you have to
alienate a person from her culture, the same culture that has its hooks
sunk deep into her soul. Naturally, if you do so, she will at first
identify you as the enemy. This does not mean that one should ignore the
question of what methods are best, but we shouldn't kid ourselves; for most
people in the world, converting them to socialism is imposing alien values
and belief systems on them, and they will react when you try to do it.


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