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Clarification: The New Flag has not posted any material regarding
Mr. Rolf Martens to this list. Due to other activities of the
editorial board and technical problems we face, we have temporarily
halted postings to the Marxist list. We will come back soon.
Although we have not communicated directly with Mr. Martens, we
would like to make an initial respond to his comments.

1) On the 1984 Rim Declaration. The PCP International Line
(English translation New Flag, Vol.2, No. 1) state:
"First, from the beginning of the PCP acceptance to join
RIM, we have substantive differences on the question
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the only, valid new stage in the
development of proletariam ideology, having universal validity.
Maoism i sthe key issue. Hence, our objection to the choice of
Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought....Even so, it will require
time and revolutionary development [for the RIM] to achieve this.
Second, we sign this declaration with reservations and even differences,
which were outline in our communication to them. There are differences
on the principal contradiction, the revolutionary situation of unequal
development, on warl war, and the criteria of the role of RIM...
In particular our difference is on the universal validity of People's War
(the expression of proletarian military theory that our clas has
developed compleletely with Mao-Tse tung,) and in our insistence in always
raising the great slogan, "Proletarians of all countries unite!"
Nevertheless, we think that the declaration constituted a relative basis
of unity. The advance of our Movement itself demands the development and
improvement of this [organization.]
"...The PCP believes that RIM faces problems on various levels: On the
ideological... and political level...The two line struggle is not
being handled fairly and correctly, however, these are problems of
development...there are hegemonistic tendencies."
\Based on the above, we reaffirmed, in the 4th National Conference of the
PCP (October 1986) our intention to constitute a fraction within the
International Communist Movement, in order that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
principally Maoism, is the direction and guide of world revolution...since
with this ideology can the international proletariat, through its Communist
Parties conquer power and emancipate itself as a class.

We advocate the reconstitution of the Communist International, and we regard
the RIM as an initial step in that direction. It will serve this purpose
as long as it upholds and folows a correct and just ideological and political
line. The struggle to make Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, the
direction and guide of world revolution will be long, complex, and difficult
but in the end, we will suceed. Marxism has not taken a single step in its
life without struggle."  [End of the Quote]

What is wrong with a conditional endorsement of RIM as an initial step
of uniting the loose forces of revolution worldwide? None. If Co-RIM
did not meet the Marxist principles established as a Condition by the PCP
to joining this organization, it is the duty of the supporters of the
People's War everywhere to demand the PCP Central Committee to take
corrective action which would involve the folowing two alternatives:
1) removal of the Avakian clique of its direction and reconstitution
of RIM with genuine and mass based M-L-M parties,
2) withdrawal of the PCP from this organization which will mean in practice
the destruction and collapse of RIM. At the present moment, Co-RIM has
only a fragile and bureaucratic existance.

In 1994, the PCP CC has communicated that it was our responsability to
conduct the struggle abroad on this matter, to carry on the two line
struggle in an unified and orderly fashion w/o neglecting the struggle
against the main enemy, imperialism and the reactionaries worlwide. It is
our task to unmask the opportunists of Co-RIM, it is with us, as MPPs
that Co-RIM has established alliances in the past. These OLD MPPs that for
their own decision have been separated from the Party, it is us who have
the responsability to reconstitute RIM targetting its rotten leadership
and preserving the honest and revolutionaries forces that remain within.
The PCP leads a People's War with milions of masses countrywide, the
large number of political and military actions by the People's Army
every day has the CC and the other organs of leadership dedicated
exclusively to direct the laws of the war in the key stage of today:
strategic equilibrium. To shape up a favorable international public
opinion is also important to the triump of the revolution, but that
task is beong carried by all supporters of the People's War in the world,
based on the PCP International Directive and led by the MPPs and Support
.   Marcelina and Luis. The New Flag.

 > In my quite recent posting "Have the 'New Flag' comrades
> misunderstood something?", I erroneously wrote, under my
> point 2, that my leaflet "IFBL No.24 Emg", which exposed
> the reactionary nature of the phoney"Marxist" so-called
> "RIM Declaration" of 1984 and (as far as I know) was the
> first publication to do so, was published on "12.06.94".
> I think it's important to correct this error. The leaflet
> actually was published on *12.08.94*, i.e. two months
> later than I might have seemed to pretend. The date given
> for the publication on the Net of the article in question
> (as "UNITE! Info #3en"), 01.01.96, remains correct.
> Rolf M.
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