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                  RESIST 96 - April 26 - 28

Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm at CCNY (City College of New York).
Aaron Davis Hall (in student center) 138th & Convent. Take 1/9 train to 137th
St. Station. Walk east to NAC Building.

                      "It's All One Attack"

               Opening Plenary - Saturday Morning

Ramona Africa, Brenda Joyner, C. Clark Kissinger, Robert Rockwell, Leonard
Weinglass and others will paint a vivid picture of 'what time of night' it is
in America and why we need to come together to resist.

                      "From the Frontlines"

          Workshops - Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning

The individual battle as they stand right now, and creating strategies for
resistance before it's too late. Participants will include Ron Hampton,
Robbie Conal, Carl Pope, Darius James, Merle Hoffman, Danny Hoch, Reg E.
Gaines, Eric Drooker, Dennis Brutus, Joe Wippler, Margarita Rosario,
representatives from Center for Constitutional Rights, Network Against the
"Counter-Terrorism' Act, People for the American Way, Gay-Lesbian-Straight
Teachers Network, Four Winds Student Association (LA), La Resistencia, Love &
Rage, Center for Immigrants' Rights and many others to be
   * Creating a Culture of Resistance... Art We Can Live By
   * Defending Affirmative Action
   * How to Stop the Attacks on Abortion Clinics
   * Beat Back the Attacks on Immigrants
   * Defeating the Campaign to Pit White Women against Black Men
     (and Shut Black Women Out of the Debate!)
   * Big Brotherism in Computers and Communications
   * Is Mark Fuhrman Really an Exception?
   * Abortion is not Babykilling... and Other Lies They Tell on  Women
   * Stop the Killing Machine... Fighting the Death Penalty
   * The Clinton-Gingrich Police State Program and Community Based Policing
   * Litigation as a Tool of Resistance
   * The Lost Generation? (Youth Today)
   * The Battle to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal/Winning a Political Trial
   * The Phony War on Drugs and the Criminalizing of Black Youth
   * Taking on Gay Bashing & State Legislated Homophobia
   * For God & Country... The Rise of the Christian Fundamentalist Movement
   * How to Start a Chapter of Refuse & Resist!

                    "Launching Massive Resistance"

                  Closing Plenary - Sunday Afternoon

Debate and vote on key plans for joint resistance including our proposal to
make OCTOBER 96 A NATIONAL MONTH OF RESISTANCE! When we look at what has
compelled our various protests, we find that IT'S ALL ONE ATTACK!

Refuse & Resist! was founded in 1987 in response to a call signed by 18
well-known political and cultural resisters including Emile de Antonio,
Dennis Brutus, Abbie Hoffman, Clark Kissinger, Bill Kunstler, Conrad Lynn,
Sonia Sanchez, and Leonard Weinglass. This stirring call was eventually
signed by over 4,000 people from
Nobel laureates to housing project tenants.

The purpose of Refuse & Resist! has been to build a nation-wide climate and
culture of resistance. Our practice has been to speak out, to act, and to
refuse to be complicit. R&R was the first national organization to call for
mass defense of abortion clinics, the first national organization to call on
troops to refuse to serve in the Gulf War, and the first national
organization to come to the defense of the LA4 and the thousands
arrested in the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion.

It's all one attack! The resurgent racism, the current war on women, the
concentration camps for immigrants, the censorship of the arts, the police
state measures, gay bashing, and compulsory patriotism. One organization says
NO to the WHOLE package: Refuse & Resist! It's time to go on the offense with
a movement that is
more than fragmented responses. Join Refuse & Resist!

                    Contact Refuse & Resist!
       305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166, New York, NY 10165
                      Phone: 212-713-5657
                    email: refuse at

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