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At 09:21 PM 4/12/96 +1000, Ken Howard wrote:
>>At 8:34 PM 4/11/96, Rubyg580 at wrote:

>>This isn't really an explanation. Did the Chinese revolution depend
>>entirely on Mao, and once he was gone, the capitalist roaders took power?
>>Is that a serious social analysis in the Marxian tradition? What happened
>>in Chinese society that led to this reversal? Is it just a matter of a
>>handful of gerontocrats turning their back on Mao Zedong thought?

What's interesting in my mind is not how this change occurred, but how
successful it's been.  China's been experiencing economic growth of about 10
percent a year, and according to many economists could maintain a 7 percent
growth rate per year well into the next decade.

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