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Mon Apr 15 23:24:13 MDT 1996

Comrade Jeff said
>> > Gary,
>> > 	I'm hurt that you didn't acknowledge my paraphrase of Emma
>> > Goldman.

A thousand apologies Jeff. I'm very weak on ackowledging or employing what
are ultimately anarchist sources.  It's my trotskyist training you know.

Now Siddarth Chatterjee has penned a very hard post re incest and
paedophilia and included a challenge for me to respond. He also ended with
this injunction:-

>> The liberators should think these questions carefully over before they
>> reply.


Now I would like to begin with a statement of the maximum amount of respect
for my political correspondent in this instance.  I accept Chatterjee's bona
fides and withdraw with full apology my previous intimations that he is a
homophobe.  But I would ask him to try and see it from my perspective.  I
raised the question of gay emancipation and the record of the treatment of
gays in the Soviet Union.  First the Bolsheviks decriminalised it and then
Stalin criminalised it in 1934.

I would ask Chatterjee to accept that this is a genuinely very important
matter for gay people and gay marxists like myself in particular.  I would
also like him to accept that it is one of the reasons why politically aware
gay people are not attracted to supporting marxists.

I would further like Chatterjee to try and see how his silence on the action
of Stalin is interpreted from my position.  And moreover his desire to bring
in the issue of incest and paedophilia could be interpreted as a sign that
somehow he thinks these issues are *particularly* relevant to gay people.
they are not of course.

I will however speak personally on these topics.  Firstly I am extremely
unhappy about condemning anyone in moral matters.  My own personal history
explains this to a large extent.  Paedophilia however is I believe to be
condemned.  Though of course differences in culture and age of consent make
this an extremely difficult question.

Having said that I am very very unhappy about joining any moral crusade.
Right now in Australia a peadophile by the name of Bell is being turned into
Public Enemy No 1.  All other issues such as police corruption etc are being
ignored and we are all supposed to hate and despise this man.  I will not be
part of any witch hunt. However this does not imply support.

Next the question of  incest. I have no official position here.  I again do
not relish condemning people.  My personal experience is that it is always
bad for the people involved.  It does no good and is indeed to be deplored.

I would like now to see this thread return to the field of sexuality and
away from the "right to fuck" versus the "virgin army"  postions.

In many ways the field  of sexuality has moved away from these issues and
there is a distinct whiff of the trog about the whole thread.  Accordingly I
will begin posting on Queer Theory within the near future.



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