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Mon Apr 15 23:45:22 MDT 1996

Brian carnell wrote
>What's interesting in my mind is not how this change occurred, but how
>successful it's been.  China's been experiencing economic growth of about 10
>percent a year, and according to many economists could maintain a 7 percent
>growth rate per year well into the next decade.

I have done with flaming, but this and Carnell's other post on China are a
severe temptation. This is simply an arrogant attack on marxism in what is
with all its variations a Marxist list. The arrogance and ignorance Carnell
betrays here are quite breath taking.

Suffice to say that for me the Chinese Revolution meant in essence all that
was noble about humanity.  The desire to create a country where the Chinese
would be free from the yoke of Imerialism and also in its better moments
where the Chinese people could contribute to the Liberation of the world.

I have stood in China at a monument to a young Russian who came and giave
his life in the struggle to make China free.  There were untold thousands
like him.  The dream that drove them on has gone.  It has been truly
betrayed.  But now Carnell comes waving his miserable 7% growth figure and
expects us to chase the god of the Market.  If he knew anything about
Marxism or China, Carnell would know that capitalism comes dripping blood
and dirt from every pore.  That 7% which he is so overjoyed about comes out
of the blood and dirt of the sweat shops of Guangzhou and elsewhere.

Carnell may not agree but Capitalism is a system of  exploitation.  That I
should have to say this on a Marxism list is quite something. Surely there
is a list somewhere for the advocates of economic rationalism where Carnell
would be truly at home?



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