Let,s discuss politics...

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Apr 16 10:05:21 MDT 1996

Dear List,

I think Louis is right. The Stalinists are Zero. Why even bother when there
influence has disappeared just about everywhere.

So why don,t we have a serious discussion.

I would suggest some of the following.

Current political currents and trends in the Soviet union and east Europe.

Trotskyist currents in Europe.

Anarchist currents in Europe.

The Greens in Europe

The Europe communist parties taking the mantel of a reformist opposition to
Social Democracy.

Trade unions and Communist work in them.

Is the Transitional program still valid?

The united front..

The Popular front.

Facism in Europe.( In the Soviet union?)

The womens question?

The Youth Question?

Transitional organisations for the poor, unemployed.

Transitional organisations for foreign nationals. Is it neccessary?

Third world countries and the Permanent revolution.

The rise of religous fundementalism and how to combat it.

There is probably lots more to discuss then just letting Aldolfo foam from
the mouth.
Or what about the lurkers on this list. Have any ideas about what to
discuss. I am willing to discuss anything which will show the way forward.
This certainly does not include Stalinism...


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