Lenin on sexual "excess"

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Tue Apr 16 12:22:33 MDT 1996

From: godenas at mail.edgenet.net (Louis R. Godena)
Sex, according to Lenin, contains a "social interest, which gives
rise to a duty towards the community."
It is this "duty towards the community" that most engages my
attention.  An act is not rendered good or bad, moral or immoral,
socially useful or injurious, simply because it contains a genital
dimension.  [snip]
Whatever advances the cause of communism is moral; whatever retards
it is immoral. [snip]
As Lenin said, it is one's fulfillment of
one's "duty to the community" that is the key.

A requote from the archives seems much more appropriate here than it
was in its original context, because for some people, this is
apparently not a rhetorical question:

"How did your last orgasm serve the revolution?"
---Ralph Dumain

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