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Comrade Oleacha has more than adequately responed to Mr.
Malecki's harrassment.  Since he has not adhered to the catechistic
style so beloved by Robert, however, I will take a swing at
it myself -- of course, these opinions are only my own.

>That is, do communists fight against the sexual values that the
>bourgeois state has imposed on the proletariat or not.

Sure.  When doing so advances the revolution.

>Are communist for sexual education including bi-sexual and homo-sexual
>behavior in the education system or not.

Sure.  Why not?  The conventional wisdom, at least, is that gay teens
have an elevated suicide rate.  That should be struggled against.
Gay folks are people too.

>Do communist fight against any state intervention
>in the lives of consenting adults or not.

What's a "consenting adult"?  What's "any state intervention"?
Should the state refrain from repressing prostitution after the
revolution?  Rape?  Pornographic depictions of rape?  Murder?
Pornographic depictions of murder?  Sexual relations between
eleven year olds?  Sexual relations between an eleven year old
and a fifteen year old?  Between a fifteen year old and a
fourty year old?

>Do communists subordinate their
>private sexual lives to communist work in other areas of life or not?

Of course.  How could this be a question for any revolutionary?

>In fact he is
>blocking with muslim fundementalism against women.

In fact *you* are either (a) blocking w/ muslim fundamentalism (which
of course includes women), or (b) denying that fundamentalist
muslim women are consenting adults.  It is your simplistic idea of
"consenting adults" combined w/ your bourgeois hedonism that
has led you to this impasse.  Sex is not just a question of your
"individual rights" -- it is a social question.

>You are just a raving Stalinist who ...

Yada yada yada.  Would you please get off this "Stalin" kick?

>The Trotskyists who held there
>banner high against these traitors will once again take the leadership of
>the new communist international.

Yeah, any day now.  Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

-- Matt D.

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