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>>> Theses: "Intellectuals have a very important role to play:
>>> that of auxiliary research hands and brains of the
>>> revolutionary movement ... that of teachers, educators
>>> and propagandists ...that  of a shield to combat the
>>> "official bourgeois" intelligentzia ...but the working
>>> class *is the brain, the muscle and the class with
>>> the means to organize, direct and lead the revolutionary
>>> movement*... intellectuals are part of the proletariat
>>> insofar they break with their own class, their own
>>> interests as part of that class and with the ideology
>>> that is attached by the fact that they belong and *trained*
>>> by that class ... they are part of the working class as
>>> *its adoptive class* ...

>>the wonderful intellectuals on this list, including Mr. Carlos
>>CEP, have really done that?

>    Carlos:
>    Sorry, Gina ... forgot to tell you ... I wrote that theses, not
>    Lenin ... I didn't break with my class (three generations of
>    working class militant trade unionists and left socialists -- I
>    worked in factories --- printer, you know ... an others -- for
>    over 20 years of my 48 of existence ... I become sort of
>    intellectual by way of militating in the left ... by the way, I
>    know about two or three dozens intellectuals in this list that
>    had adopted the proletariat in deeds and ideology as their
>    adoptive class...   they are called *Marxists*

And then there's those who have adopted the most advanced
ideology and practice in the history of the international communist
movement; who understand that Marxism had developed thru the
three great revolutionary movements: class struggle (with the highest
form of that being people's war), the struggle for produciton and
scientific experiment; and that it has reached a third and higher
stage.  These people are called Marxist-Leninist-Maoists.

>    BTW, what's *your*  background .... judging for your petrified
>    undialectical views, seems to me you're attached to the middle
>    class as much as many you criticize....
>    Hasta pronto,  Carlos

Gina responds:  Sorry, Mr. CEP, if you want my resume, you'll
have to gather it yourself from the bits and pieces I've posted at
various times when such information has been relevant to the
discussion at hand.

What difference would it make anyway?  I could say I'm an illegal
immigrant shaping tortillas in a South-West Detroit sweatshop, or
an activist Arab housewife in Dearborn, or a Polish travel agent in
Hamtramck.  I could say  I'm a native Detroiter building cars at Ford
Rouge, or teaching third grade at Coleman A. Young Elementary.
Or I could say I'm a transplanted hillbilly waiting tables at a chain
restaurant, or running a printing press at a franchise shop.  Whatever.

If it didn't fit your stereotype of a "shiny shitter" or whatever terms
of endearment you're using today to insult supporters of the most
important political/ military struggle in the world today, you wouldn't
believe it anyway.

It's far more relevant and effective to relate whatever occupational
or organizational experience I may have when it's relevant to the
political point I'm making.  That way, people have a way of judging
both the authenticity of the anecdote, and the political line it is

The fact is, one's resume is not what determines one's ideology
or class stand.  It's your political line that shows conclusively
which class, the petty bourgeoisie or the proletariat, you have
"adopted" as your class.  The bourgeoisie trains all classes in
this imperialist world, trains them in bourgeois ideology.  While
people who are materially members of the working class have
a certain advantage in breaking with the bourgeois ideology,
just simply working in a factory, hospital kitchen, print shop or
whatever working class job, does not guarantee a proletarian

Participants in this list can see, over time, the political line of
the various other participants.  I don't think anyone who's been
around a while would mistake your political line for Lenin's, or
mine for that of a Trotskyist.

Gina/ Detroit

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