San Francisco Immigrant Voting Rights Initiative

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Tue Apr 16 17:28:29 MDT 1996

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    On Friday, April 12, a delegation of the Immigrant Rights Movement
    filed the text of a proposed City ordinance (see complete text
    below)with the Registrar of Voters of the City and County of San

    The Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI - by its acronymn in Spanish) is
    planning to start collecting signatures to put the measure on the
    ballot for the November Elections.  Aproximately 10,500 signatures
    are required to do so.

    The initiative, is approved by the SF voters, will allow
    non-citizens living in San Francisco, to cast votes for all
    elective municipal offices (Mayor, Board of Supervisors, Board of
    Education, College Board) and for local initiatives.

    The MDI is now contacting organizations willing to  endorse the
    initiative and help collect the signatures necessary to put it on
    the ballot.

    If you would like to help you may contact the MDI:
    3311 Mission Street, Suite 135
    San Francisco, Ca 94110

    Phone/FAX: (415) 648-5257

    Other organizations who are members of the SF Electoral Coalition
    Civil Rights for ALL are also endorsers of the initiative and are
    planning to help with the campaign (Green Party, Peace and Freedom
    Party, Committee of Gay/Lesbian/Transgender of Color; Coordinating
    Body of Nicaraguans in Exile (CONIPOE); Coalition for Proportional
    Representation; Coalition to Fight for Equality; Socialist
    Organizer; Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI); Left Opposition
    Magazine; Committee for Human Rights in the Americas, etc)

    If you or your organization would like to list your group or
    individual signature, please indicate that (including title and
    organization) to: iwp.ilo at (They are borrowing my
    E-Mail address for that)

    Comradely, Carlos



    Be it ordained by the perople of the City and County of San

    Section 1: That all non-citizens living in the City and County of
    San Francisco, and who otherwise would fulfill all other legal
    requirements to vote except that of citizenship, will be allowed
    to vote in all municipal elections for Mayor, Board of Supervisors,
    Board of Education, Community College Governing Board and local
    ballot initiatives.

    Section 2: This ordinance will take effect immediately after this
    initiative  is approved by the voters of the City and County of
    San Francisco.

    Section 3: Be it ordained that the Mayor and the Board of
    Supervisors will make all necessary changes in the City Charter
    and/or modify all other pertinent ordinances, documents and/or
    dispositions; and that such changes will provide for an
    implementation plan for this initiative within 180 days of the
    approval of the same by the voters of the City and County of
    San Francisco; and that such a plan an implementation should allow
    non-citizens to vote in the following election in which this
    initiative was approved by the voters of the City and County of
    San Francisco.

    Section 4: If any section, paragraph, line or word of any section
    of this ordinance is found to be unconstitutional and/or is
    otherwise struck down by pertinent courts or judges, or delayed
    by way of injunction and/or any other judicial procedure, all other
    remaining parts, sections, paragraphs and words will be implemented
    and acted upon by the City and County of San Francisco without

    Authors:  Carlos Petroni, Lucrecia Bermdez
              Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI)

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