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Tue Apr 16 22:46:34 MDT 1996

I am in need of assistance. For some time now I have been pursuing an
interest in Marxist theory, but it has been for the most part fruitless. When
approaching academics who profess to have a Marxist slant, I am always met
with snobbery, or what I perceive to be a lack of knowledge veiled in
unintelligible rhetoric. As far as I can understand this elitism is
completeley contrary to the information I am in search of. I am not looking
for a simple overview, but rather a method of approaching Marx that will
ultimately be enlightening. If there is someone on this list that can provide
me with some introductory texts that may be of use to me (and please, I am
not interested in how smart anyone is so don't send me running for
Althusser's "Pour Marx" or some other text that will leave me more confused
than I should be). Ideally I'm looking for a group reading that I can engage
in and learn from. I feel certain that if this post is read, many of you will
grimace, after all there is something terribly disgraceful about trying to
aquire knowledge. Even though it makes me sick to have to humble myself so
publicly, I am doing so in the hope that there is someone out there who was
not born an Adorno and that they can recall the struggle they had with Karl.

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