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Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Apr 17 03:34:12 MDT 1996

Dear List,

Clinton,s visit in Japan i find quite interesting! I think it shows very
clearly the dilema the American ruling class finds itself in at present. The
present administration appears to be taking some rather slick iniatives to
the present difficult and complicated situation for them.

It appears to me that Clinton,s visit is in away two edged. On the one hand
it is a clear warning to the Chinese and the North Koreans that if they
start something the United States will certainly try to get Japan involved
in the conflict. On the other hand the Clinton adminstration appears willing
to hold out the olive branch to the chinese and get them to hold the North
Koreans in check. At this time the Americans certainly do not want a big war
in the pacific basin.

The reason of course the rather unclear events in Russia. The Russian bear
on the verge of a civil war and with and arsenal of atomic weapons capable
of wiping out a good part of the planet means that Clintons message at
present in the far east is "Don,t make any waves!".

Naturally the Americans have no love for the Chinese or the Japanese but
will use the contradictions between imperialist Japan and the deformed
workers state China in a confrontation. Just as the Americans would like to
use Vietnam as a springboard into China.

But just now it appears that the European situation and especially Russia is
the big worry. Russia could very well weaken Americas natural European
Allies so that they would be unable to win a decisive victory in a two front
war. One in the east and one in Russia...

However as the situation deteriorates here in this part of the world things
will certainly be more clearer as to what exactly is going to happen. But
>from my point of veiw as a Working class communist militant it appears that
we are in big fucking trouble.

Can anybody say something about this to cheer me up a little...


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