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Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Apr 17 09:22:48 MDT 1996

Ken wrote:
>Another process is also taking place on the left and that is moves towards
>regroupment of Militant,Solidarity (USFI) and Communist Intervention
>(LIT).This is occuring by common action in workers and community campaigns,
>discussion of political questions and histories, joint education etc, and a
>common analysis of the nature of the period we are in and tasks facing
>revolutionaries.Such regroupment is perhaps important in both overcoming
>the secterianism of the past and presenting a pole of attraction to
>militants that the left is not split all over the place but can have a
>pluralist and multi tendency revolutionary organisation.
>Adelante. Ken Howard.

Naturally "unity" can be a good thing. The problem is on which program. At
least here in Sweden unity appears to go along the lines of the lowest
common denominator. More then ever today we need a revolutionary
regroupment. And if Ken can give us a basis for this regroupment in a number
of points it would be helpful.
Many times Lenin was accuse of being "sectarian" or "Ultra left" or
whatever,however it was his ideas of the party and program of proletarian
revolution including the seizure of power or in popular terms the slogan of
a "workers government" and later on Trotsky,s transitional program and the
theroy of the Permanant revolution where the banner of Bolshevism was
carried high. Since then there have been numerous groups claiming this
banner, but the decisive question for me is which program?


Unitil this is cleared up, nobody deserves a free ticket! Especially those
who claim the banner and program but do not use it as a weapon...As a worker
i want to go all the way, and not be a closet revolutionary who is afraid to
unfurl its banners. Is this the kind of regroupment your are talking about Ken?

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