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On Tue, 16 Apr 1996 20:15:21 -0400 (EDT), Louis N Proyect
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>On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Brian Carnell wrote:
>> The murders, the assassinations, the "re-education" that made the Bolshevik
>> revolution look like a walk in the park.  I suppose when millions starved
>> thanks to Mao's policies, you considered that "liberation"?
>You want real murder and assassinations, take a look at King Leopold's
>behavior in the Congo. You want re-education, there's no need to look at
>Mao. Just take a look at the Christian missionaries who followed the
>British soldiers into conquered territories and forced Jesus down the
>throats of colonized peoples while bayonets were pointed at their back.

And don't forget Lenin, Stalin and Mao.  Are you really proud to be in
the ranks of the Christian missionaries?  Is an Inquisition any better
because it's done in the name of the people rather than in the name of

>the way, Gary is right. You should get lost. The reason you are generally
>ignored on this list is that you lack sophistication. There is a
>libertarian on this list who has been quiet lately who would put you to
>shame. Probably one of the reasons he has been quiet is that your crude
>arguments ripped out of libertarian pamphlets are an embarrassment to him.

I've never read a libertarian pamphlet.  Your ad hominem attacks are
most welcome, as they reveal how lost on the intellectual road you
really are.  On the other hand, you are considered an embarassment by
some of the democratic socialist types who post here (or at least used
to post until all you leftwing fascists took over the list).

Do you support Mao's decisions that led to the enormous starvation?
What do you think of Stalin's organized murder machine?


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