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>It may be wrong, but socialism was not competitive enough, for reasons
>that Red Flag Canal explains.
>I would be interested in the comments of Gina and others.
>Chris B, London.

Competitive enough for whom? and for what?   You're absolutely
right, socialism is not competitive enough for the lovers of capitalism.
it stresses cooperation, collectivity, working together for the common
good, meeting the real needs of the people, not creating new needs
that can be filled by new products that make profits for a small handful
of exploiters.  What's wrong with that?

The proletariat is the class that actually produce the goods and
services necessary for the life and well-being of all the world's people.
Their conditions of work entail cooperating with others in the same factory
or fast food place, as well as working in coordination with other workers in
far-flung places around the globe.

It's the bourgeoisie that needs to interject the element of competition
into this, in order to keep the workers "in line" but more importantly
because their system necessitates different enterprises competing
with each other for market share and profits.  The real needs of the
people don't figure into the equation.

I guess it's hard for some people to even conceptualize a society
where people aren't pitted against each other and isolated from each
other in the struggle to survive--even people who call themselves
Marxists, who presumably are against the existing system.


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