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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Apr 17 21:25:17 MDT 1996

I have lost my taste for being patient with those who advance their
stupidity with arroance and pride.  Carnell is a classic instance.  He
started this flame war by provocatively  posting about the growth rates in
Deng's china and also talked about HK. This is the kind of shit we  leftists
read  everyday in the mass media.  None of  it is ideologically innocent.
I still  remember the Australian press being full of Thatcher's economic
miracle.  now it is the NZ miracle.  Yet all these "wonders" are achieved at
horrific human cost.  Carnell is so concerned to promote capitalist values
that he ignores this.

Surely we are entitled to have a small space where we can debate Marixist
ideas without some pompous  ass coming and lectururing us about the
achievements of capitalism.  If he was a serious liberterian he would be
listened to with respect, but no he waves his little 7% growth rate and
expects us all to shit our pants.

Carnell is so ignorant that he attacks me and Louis for being Stalinists and
Maoists.  Read thru the archives you flatulent fool and get a more accurate
idea of our politics.

But of course you won't take this advice.  Yours is the ignorance of not
only the mentally lazy but the truly smug who speaks with the voice  of the
dominant discourse.  "Marxism evil.  Capitalism good."

>I've never read a libertarian pamphlet.

Nor very much else as far as I can see.

Go away you idiot.


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