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>> Do you support Mao's decisions that led to the enormous starvation?
 What do you think of Stalin's organized murder machine? <<Brian Carnell

 Jon Flanders:

  For cripes sake, do you read this list at all? Didn't you see Doug and Louis
and Ken and a bunch of other people get ripped for criticizing Stalin and his

  If you want mass murder, how about Vietnam, where the US military nailed a
million or two. How about the 30,000 dead in Nicaraugua financed by the US
taxpayer? How about the systematic destruction of the Native population of
North America? How about the destruction of Ireland, with famine and war? Did
you ever read about the depopulation of the countryside in England,where
millions were forced into the cities during the industrial revolution?

  How about slavery? How many millions died to pick the cotton that got
capitalism on its feet in North America? Read "The Fatal Shore" by Robert
Hughes, and learn of the unimaginable horrors of the prison ships and penal
colonies that built modern Australia. How about the millions that died in WW1
and WW2? How about Hitler's concentration camps? How about the cold blooded
murder of defenseless Iraqi troops during the Gulf war?

  Stalin and Mao were complete pikers compared to capitalism when it comes to
murder, rapine and general slaughter.

  Before you start spouting about the crimes of socialism, bone up a bit on
the history of capitalism.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 18-Apr-1996

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