Peru and the Rolf Mårtens Story!

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Thu Apr 18 00:32:05 MDT 1996

Dear List,

I think that all of the people on the list should read the latest
contributions from Rolf on Peru, the RIM, RCP, and other grouplets involved
in the "Maoist International". It is a good lesson in how not to build the
communist International.

What i find most interesting is the inter-bureaucratic fights between the
various groupletts of "support" groups. None of these people have ever taken
part in a real war like the PCP people in Peru. But they are all in their
way trying to use the PCP and this Gonzalo fellow in one way or another to
shore up their own "anti-imperialist" credentials.

There is a big difference for me of say discussing PCP politics with these
who,s main struggle appears to be sticking knifes into the backs of one
another in chasing after the PCP as "solidarity" groups and if we were to
have a discussion with the leadership of the PCP itself.

All this breast thumping by the various "solidarity groups" for the PCP in
Peru appears to be various maoist cliches trying to use Peru for their own
synical veiw of attracting people to them. So, instead of discussing the
real problems facing the proletariat not only in Peru but else where also
these "solidarity" groups would sell out the great Gonzalo or anybody else
for their own cliche interests.

I do not agree with the Peruvian PCP. Partially because it is these "groups"
who claim to represent them who have been doing all the talking. But my
sympathies for the people fighting on the ground against the present clich
in power stands firm.My advice to the PCP leadership if they read this is to
break with all of these fake "maoist solidarity groupletts" and begin to
investigate those who stand for a real Bolshevik Leninist tradition of thought.

It is not to late to get rid of the various cliches who are just using you
to build up their own "anti-imperialist" credentials. It is but a short step
>from building a peasant army in the countryside to organising and
underground Bolshevik workers party in the cities and the army in Peru.
Linked to a program of workers revolution throughout Latin America the PCP
will find many real allies instead of these fakes who have never done
nothing but pay lip service to the PCP.

Everyone on this list should clearly draw a line between the PCP who it
appears does not have a spokesman on this list and all of these "solidarity
cliches" that claim the mantel of these fighters from afar.

Solidarity with the PCP fighters on the ground, while trying to convince
these fighters of the need for a real Bolshevik party in Peru and other
Latin American countries who will fight for workers revolution throughout
Latin America.

As far as the cliches go. There is no reason to discuss with them. They
represent nothing but their own little fake "anti-imperialist" grouplets.
They are prepared to sell out and slander anybody inclusive the PCP for
their own selfish interests...

However I would like to thank Rolf for his interesting insider veiw of what
is going on in the "Peru Solidarity" maoist international...If Rolf was
smart he would start talking to the real Bolshevik Leninists that have a
real perspective for proletarian revolution everywhere on this planet. Your
campaign to reform the maoist international is doomed to failure. They have
no line, no perspective and no ideology which can show the way forward in
Peru or anywhere else...

Warm Regards

PS: if the real PCP is out there, please give us some information of what is
really going on.

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