Part 3/3 of my #3en "got lost"(?) - I post again

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Thu Apr 18 03:16:54 MDT 1996

Hello all,

Yesterday 17.04 I posted - or so I thought - as an
important background document to the discussion with
the New Flag comrades an earlier posting to newsgroups
in 3 parts: "UNITE! Info #3en". But today I see
only 2 of those parts in the mail I've received.

That part which is the most important, even, in this
context, namely part 3/3, which contains my critcism,
written in 1994, of the "RIM Declaration", is missing.

Presumably, this is due to some technical error somewhere,
so I now (separately) post that part again to the list.

Rolf M.

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