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Radio New Zealand 0900z 18/4/96 6100kHz

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force has imposed a blockade on Bougainville
less than a month after the ??? end of a 18 month cease-fire with the
secessionists rebels. The move has been as retribution against civilians
alleged to have been supporting the regional commander of the rebel
Bougainville Revolutionary Army, Ishmael Toroana (phon?). Last the month the
rebels killed twelve members of the security forces on the nearby island of
Buka and shortly afterwards the government ended the truce. The commander on
Buka, Lieutenant Colonel Yaura Sasa (phon?) says the blockade will stay in
place for an indefinite period and limit shipping and air links as Peter
Neise reports:

PN: "The restriction means that all shop on Bougainville are likely to close
due to lack of cargo and the two boarding schools will close due to lack of
food and all health centres and posts will close due to lack of medical
supplies. Peter Neise for Radio New Zealand International Kokopo (phon?)."


Radio Australia 0900z 19/4/96 9860kHz

World Bank are giving PNG ninety days to implement the banks economic
recovery package. Anne Barker (phon?) reports that if PNG failed to comply
the remaining $160 million in economic aid to the country will be cancelled.

AB: "Last year the World Bank and other donors including Australia agreed to
provide US$550 million over two years to stable economic collapse is PNG.
The first $200 million has already been handed over. in return PNG agreed to
a series of stringent reforms such as improving basic services in rural
areas. But 8 months later PNG has shown little sign of being serious about
the reforms. The World Bank has today sent a two page letter to the Port
Moresby government and copies to all those ??? saying if the if the reforms
are not implemented within 90 days the entire package will be cancelled."


The Australian, page 2 18/4/96


by South Pacific Correspondent Mary Louise O'Callaghan

PNG is again imposing a military blockade on the rebel province of
Bougainville where thousands of people have died in the past 6 years due to
a lack of basic medicines and other supplies.

PNG Defence Force officers yesterday circulated notices to businesses,
houses, offices on the island, of a resumption "blanket restrictions" on the
movement of goods, services and people into and within Bougainville
effective from midnight yesterday.

The previous military blockade, imposed in May 1990 [April 1] after the
rebel government made a unilateral declaration of independence, was strongly
criticised by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Amnesty
International because of its devastating effects on the Bougainville
population who were eventually left without medical and other basic supplies.

The high incidence of malaria, lack of vaccinations, and harsh conditions on
the island are estimated to have left thousands of dead from preventable
diseases and routine medical procedures such as child birth as a direct
result of that blockade.

Yesterday's notice which was issues in the name of the PNGDF Forward
Tactical Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Yaura Sasa, said all direct shipping
and air services to Bougainville had been halted and would now have to be
cleared by the PNGDF Headquarters at Rabaul, capital of the neighbouring
East New Britain province.

A spokesman for the PNG Prime Minister, Sir Julius Chan, said last night
that he was not aware of the reimposition of the blockade, but the decision
by the PNGDF follows Sir Julius's decision last month to lift the cease-fire
on the island and unleash the army on Bougainville once again.

A spokesman for the rebel government said last night the imposition of the
blockade should be condemned by the international community as it would only
increase the suffering of people on the island.

"It is really genocide that PNG is committing and totally contradicts the UN
convention which they have signed," Mr Martin Miriori said, predicting that
it would have the reverse effect of that desired by PNG.

"You don't win people's hearts by making them suffer and by using force," he


Bougainville March for Peace

Saturday, 20th April 1996 at 11am

Meet at Sydney Town Hall and heading to Australian Defence Forces building
in protest of our taxes being used to kill innocent people on Bougainville.

Please bring placards, banners, etc.

For further information please contact Vikki John.


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