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>Subject: Antifascist Alert: Germany
>the recent developments in Germany are dangerous, we must focus our
>attention to it!
>There was a storm of 1000 book stores by German battle dressed police,
>wherein 'dangerous' books were confiscated, something never seen after the
>The text can be found on the 'Germany Alert' site on the www:
>I was informed about this by the Antifascist Info-Bulletin (mailto: Tom
>Burghardt <tburghardt at> to subscribe to this e-zine).
>Additionaly, people are on trial because they're members of an
>_antifascist_ organisation!
>The full text follows below.
>from: aam at
>The largest trial against autonomist antifascists in the history of the
>Federal Republic of Germany is scheduled to begin on August 14, 1996.
>17 antifascist activists from Goettingen, in southern Lower Saxony, will be
>tried  for being  members of the Autonome Antifa (M), charged with being a
>criminal organization according to | 129. This law is intended to fight
>organized crime, similar to the RICO laws in the United States.
>Looking at the the conditions of the trial, it is clear that a real defence
>is impossible and that the defendants have received a sentence before the
>trial has even begun. They will be financially ruined, regardless of the
>outcome of the trial, and their lives interrupted for up to several years.
>The state attorney's office has scheduled 131 trial dates in the first year of
>the trial. Attendence at all dates is mandatory for each defendant and his or
>her two (compulsory) lawyers. The trials will be held three days a week in a
>town over 150 miles from Goettingen. The travel expenses and lawyers costs for
>these 131 days are estimated at over 4 million DM - almost 3 million
>The importance of this trial goes beyond the fate of 17 individuals. This
>trial could mean the criminalization of the Autonome Antifa (M) and the end to
>its politics. The successful prosecution of the group would have significant
>meaning for the German left. The possibilities for legally organized political
>work, including demonstrations  and other forms of grass-roots politics, would
>be severely limited. A guilty verdict would set a   precidence, clearing the
>path for an expanded use of the | 129. Other similarly organized groups, like
>the groups in the Antifascist Action/Nationwide Organization (AA/BO), would
>be potential targets for criminalization.
>This trial could sharply confine antifascist resistance and make political
>work outside the confines of electoral politics vulnerable to new forms of
>Since the break-up of the USSR and the annexation of German Democratic
>Republic by the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in 1990, the FRG has
>intensified its politics of international agression and domestic repression.
>German economic and territorial interests are being fought for with military
>means for the first time since the end of Nazi-fascism in 1945. Eastern Europe
>and the former Soviet Union are the targets for the conquer of new markets
>with favorable conditions for German business.
>The flip side of the coin is domestic repression. The left is the object of a
>wave of criminalization intended to wipe out opposition and raise the price of
>resistance against the current system.
>International aggression
>For the first time since the end of World War II, German soldiers are engaged
>in a war area. For the third time in this century, German forces have been
>sent into the former Yugoslavia. The first two times ended in world wars and
>were an intregal part of German expansionist plans in Eastern Europe.
>In Bosnia, the path is being cleared for future German military presence in
>the rest of the world.
>Turkey, too, plays an important economic and military-strategic role for the
>FRG. Germany is the largest weapons importer and second largest trade partner
>for Turkey. Turkey's war against Kurdistan could not be continued much longer
>without German weapons and military expertise. Weapons from the former East
>German army and military and police training by German forces are just two
>ways in which this war is supported by the FRG.
>Domestic Repression
>The support of the war against Kurdistan is carried out within the FRG as
>well. The ban of the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK) in November, 1993 is used to
>criminalize kurdish organizations across the board. Just speaking out for
>freedom for Kurdistan is frequently enough to be charged with support of or
>membership in the PKK and to banned as well.
>The Geman left is also subject a wave of criminalization. In July, 1995, a
>series of raids and arrests was carried out against the underground magazine
>radikal, the Berlin group K.O.M.M.I.T.E.E. and the controversial group
>Anti-Imperialist Cells (AIZ). The Autonome Antifa (M) has been the object of
>investigations since 1991.
>The Autonome Antifa (M)
>The Autonome Antifa (M) grew out of the autonomist movement of the 1980's with
>a new concept. Some of the original goals were to break out of the isolation
>of the leftist movement, to go beyond single-issue politics and to bring
>revolutionary antifascism into broad circles of society.
>Coalition demonstrations, AgitProp theater, information and discussion plena,
>historical and art exhibits, and other cultural events make up the praxis of
>the Autonome Antifa (M).
>The Autonome Antifa (M) is most often associated with the coalition
>demonstrations against fascist training centers. The years 1992/1993 were
>witness to fascist pogroms in Hoyerswerda, Solingen, Moelln, and Rostock.
>During this time, the neo-fascists stepped up their activities in Lower
>Saxony as well. Attacks on people of color and leftists - like the murder of
>Alexander Selchow on New Year's Eve 1990/1991 and countless other everyday
>terror acts - were not uncommon. Especially the fascist Free German Workers'
>Party (FAP), banned in Spring 1995, was on the uprise.
>One characteristic of these demonstrations is the so-called black block, a
>part of demonstration where the participants mask themselves to protect
>themselves from potential fascist and police observation and attack. The black
>block became a symbol for the coalitions, for it showed the political
>diversity of the action - from radical antifascists to youth groups to
>political parties. The black block ensures that the media does not ignore the
>participation from autonomist groups and makes it more likely that their
>political contents be reported.
>Using the mainstream media as one way to reach the public has always been a
>part of the politics of the Autonome Antifa (M).It is a double-sided sword,
>however. Whereas antifascist positions are made available to a wider audience
>through the mainsteam press, the press often reduces these positions to
>superficial slogans or reports only the sensational events.
>Fighting the roots of fascism
>The politics of the Autonome Antifa (M) is not confined to fighting neo-
>fascism. An effective antifascism has to attack the roots of fascism, roots
>that are embedded in the capitalist system. Ongoing work groups and public
>presentations on the history of antifascist resistance and internationalism,
>for example, are also part of the politics of the Autonome Antifa (M).
>October 2nd, the eve of "Reunification Day", is one example of the group's
>broader politics. Every year since 1990, the Autonome Antifa (M) has organized
>demonstrations, agit-prop theater, talks and published a brochure on different
>topics. In 1995, the motto was "Against Fascism and Class Justice! The
>Antifascist Action!". The city of Goettingen banned all activities planned from
>the group - a reaction the ongoing investigations. The association of
>antifascism with "criminal deeds" strengthens the conservative position within
>the city and serves to intimidate potential coalition partners.
>An integral part of leftist politics is also the struggle against patriarchy.
>The Autonome Antia (M) works regularly on this issue, by organizing exhibits
>on the history of (anti)-abortion laws and lectures, agit-prop theater on
>March 8th - international women's day - and incorporating an anti-patriarchal
>standpoint into the rest of its politics.
>In 1991, shortly after its founding, the Autonome Antifa (M) set off a
>nationwide discussion with its organizing paper. An effective antifascist
>politics and the development of an alternative to the current system is only
>possible within an organization. The Antifascist Action/Nationwide
>Organization grew from this discussion in 1992 and the Autonome Antifa (M) has
>been a member since then.
>"Inner Security"
>This political work is under attack and is part of a development towards more
>observation, more control and repression of the left in the FRG. 1996 is
>election year and one hotly debated issue is "inner security", in which | 129
>plays a special role. | 129 allows basic rights like protection of privacy to
>be abused through observations and tapping. With | 129 an individual defendant
>does not have to be proven to have committed any particular crime, but rather
>just has to be proven to be part of the group charged. It is a classic "guilty
>by association" law.
>Historically, | 129 has been most frequently used against leftist groups, not
>agains the mafia or against fascists. It is used to build up political
>pressure against leftist groups and to defame political actions as
>unpolitical "criminal acts".
>Now is the time for an international solidarity campaign!
>The outcome of the trials against the Autonome Antifa (M) have a significant
>meaning for the left in Germany. If the Autonome Antifa (M) is successfully
>prosecuted, it means a strengthening of reactionary forces in the area of
>"inner security" and reduction in possibilities for grass-roots political
>organizing outside of electoral politics.
>International publicity and activism is needed NOW to build up pressure to
>stop the criminalization. A broad solidarity campaign is growing within the
>FRG, independent of the specific politics of the Autonome Antifa (M).
>Join this campaign and help defend antifascist resistance!
>-       become an international trial watcher in Fall, 1996
>-       publicize the trial in print and electronic media
>-       organize an information plenum
>-       raise funds for legal costs
>-       take part in an ongoing solidarity campaign
>-       contact us for more information
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