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Fri Apr 19 02:52:08 MDT 1996

I thought I'd fill you in with this months additions to the
Marx/Engels Internet Archive:  In order to access the Archives
point your web browser to:

April 11:  Leon Trotsky's 1924, Lessons of October.

April 9: We begin swinging the hammers and pick axes to start the
transcription of the 1894 Capital III. Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and
7 are now completed.

April 7: Leon Trotsky in Norway, 1936

 April 5: David Riazanov's 1927 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An
Introduction to Their Lives and Work.

April 2: Anatoly Lunacharsky's 1923 Revolutionary Silhouettes.

The Marx/Engels Archive (and its subsets for Lenin, Trotsky,
Luxembourg, De Leon & others) is the result of the collective
labor power given freely by many volunteers.


David Walters

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