Adam Malik, Trotskyite Degenerate & Imperialist Spy

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Fri Apr 19 16:22:44 MDT 1996

A few weeks ago, our own Professor Muddle held forth on the subject of the
1965 Indonesian "coup", a subject on which, like countless others, he
professes great depths of understanding and knowledge.  Subsequent
statements by the Professor, however, especially those granting 20 MILLION
trade union members under the influence of the PKI (when they had little
more than a TENTH of that number), and attributing all sorts of influence to
Mao and the Chinese Communists (when the Professor knows, or should know,
that the PKI followed a "middle road" strategy between Moscow and Peking),
suggested that the Learned Scholar was using shoddy factual material,
regardless of the "high" quality of his "theoretical" "levels" from which he
regularly pontificates (and from which he never tires of lecturing the rest
of us).

And while it is true that the Professor (like so many of his associates)
bank on the average person not knowing the proverbial shit from shinola
about the current subject of erudition, it is always good policy for the
untutored to make an effort to learn, not only to demystify the sacred
rituals of academic hucksters like our own Professor Muddle, but to gain a
greater understanding of what history has bequeathed us in the annals of
revolutionary struggle.

Now, thanks to files newly gleaned under the Freedom of Information Act by
an Indonesian Support Group, much information about the 1965 "coup" and its
origins have come to light.  In fact, much of what we are now learning
confirms the long-held suspicions that the events of September 30th were
anything but a communist grab for power, but were, rather, the culmination
of a long and complex plan on the part of American and British intelligence
to be rid of Sukarno.

In this, they were aided by the familiar Trotskyites, always willing to jump
in on behalf of imperialism, sometimes even before being asked.

An excruscenct figure (even for Trotskyites!) in this story is one Adam Malik
(b 1917) a by now well known scholar, "anti-Stalinist" and imperialist ass
licker.  A shadowy figure associated with various "revolts" and "coups"
against the Dutch in the mid-forties, Malik became a main driving force for
the so-called Body for the Promotion of Sukarnoism (BPS), the CIA-funded
front for Islamic-Christian parties, "democratic" "socialists"
(trotskyites), US-backed "student" groups, fascist military brass, and the
like, designed to divert the anti-imperialism fervor of the masses into
channels "safe" for imperialism.

After the coup, this rabid, diseased dog helped the CIA station chief in
Jakarta David Vesenka finger communists, trade unionists, plantation
workers, etc., for the slaughter.  Malik later became a minister in
Suharto's fascist government and, in true trotskyite style, "sold" his
"story" to the American media.  He even published an apologia for the
fascist slaughter in Foreign Affairs ("Promise in Indonesia", vol 46, no 2
[January 1968].

According to documents obtained in February, not only Malik, but his
superior in the so-called "National Communist Party" (Trotskyite), Tan
Malakka, were wholly owned subsidiaries of British Intelligence during the
1946 "coup" against the Dutch (involving kidnapping, extortion and murder).
Malik later served the Sukarno government in the foreign service.  He was an
ambassador to both Poland and the Soviet Union, and it is at this time he is
believed to have been recruited by Langley.  Malik's sordid career follows
the familiar trajectory of trotskyitism; adventurism, opportunism,
capitulation, reaction.

His role in the massacre (the magnitude of which exceeds anything chalked up
to Pol Pot, and probably ranks as the worst deliberate slaughter since World
War II) is currently the subject of a study by Monash Links, an Australian.

A new memoir by Oei Tjoe Tat, a former state minister under Sukarno and a
leading PKI member should also shed much light on the "coup" itself.  His
book was published in mid September, 1995, and was officially banned from
circulation by the Attorney General's office in Jakarta.

A good account of the massacre is contained in several essays (particularly
those by Kenneth Young and Michael von Langenborg) in the 1990 anthology
"The Indonesian Killings, 1965-1966", published by the Centre for Southeast
Asian Studies, Monash University in, I believe, 1990.

                                             Louis Godena

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