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Louis R. Godena godenas at
Fri Apr 19 18:27:46 MDT 1996

It is with some dismay that I read your post this morning.

I have a great deal of respect for both NF and Comrade Oleachea.

I gleaned most of my early knowledge of the People's War from the pages of
Luis Arce's El Diario.  I had grown to see the NF as the heir to that
tradition of incisive journalism and prinicpled committment that marks all
of Luis's work.

My respect and affection for Oleachea knows few bounds.  Perhaps that is at
least partly why I had hope for a united front in support of the revolution
in Peru; diverse personalities rallied around a noble and vital cause.

Now, apparently, we are engaged in something of a struggle; but over what?
Is it really a "two-line" struggle?  It seems to me that calling it such
elevates the capitulation and treason of elements of the C0-RIM to the same
level as those who oppose them.   Calling the suppression of PCP documents,
the distortion of facts, the campaign of lies, slanders, and character
assassinations against both the PCP and its supporters, including the editor
of El Diario, the co-author of the famed interview with President
Gonzalo--calling all this a "line" somehow legitimizes the offending parties
and makes their actions appear reasonable, even good.

All of us remember when, in October 1993, the reptile Fujimori, surrounded
by thugs in dark glasses, came to New York and announced the "surrender" of
President Gonzalo before a nodding, credulous audience of would-be
"investors", eager to sink their teeth deeper into the necks of the Peruvian

This was a terrible moment for the friends of the Peruvian revolution, a
time when the enemy had claimed a handsome propaganda victory, going from
strength to strength after the "defeat" of "communism", and marching
inexorably to seal the defeat of our Peruvian comrades.

And where was the leadership of the Co-RIM during all this?  Picking up the
Red Flag and rallying the masses in defense of the revolution?  Exposing the
"peace accord" as an almost "natural" product of the machinations of
Fujimori's secret police and the CIA fully to be expected as almost this
precise moment?  Or, at least, promoting a full and open discussion of this
development, working to expose, among other things, the traitorous actions
of a handful of capitulators?

No.  The Co-RIM did none of these.  They fell silent for nearly TWO YEARS,
suppressing documents from not only the supporters of the PCP, but from the
Central Committee of the PCP itself.   They  refused to translate and
circulate El Diario International, although they freely took money from
those expecting them to do so.  Instead, they promoted and gave wide
currency to documents they knew to be fake.  And, worse of all, they gave a
credence and a legitimacy to a foul plot that even the reactionary press in
Lima and around the world had exposed within six months of its inception,
calling the plot of Fujimori and the CIA/DINCOTE a "line" in the "two-line"
"struggle" within the PCP!

And what was their response when criticized on this account?  Did they
initiate a struggle among the masses to find the correct "line"?  To
undertake self-criticism?  To answer forthrightly and truthfully the reasons
behind their silence and complicity?

No.  The Co-RIM did none of these things.  They initiated and carried on a
sustained campaign of slander, innuendo, and abuse directed against those
who sharply criticized their inaction and lack of principle.   They sowed
tares in the fields of those who had been the most unstinting in their
support for the struggle waged in Peru,  seeking to create an atmosphere
poisoned by indecision, doubt, and suspicion.  They fabricated and sent
"open" letters "not for publication" offering the most ad hominem attacks
against their critics.

Most of the time, however, they remained silent.  And within that silence,
Fujimori's plot against President Gonzalo and the revolution, though laying
in tatters in Peru itself, was nurtured and strengthened abroad.

And now comes the call from Comrades Arce Borja and Oleachea and many
others, to mobilize in defense of our revolution in Peru and against the
hucksterism and trickery of phoney "defenders" who have given aid and
comfort to the Fujimori/US imperialism axis lo these three years.

It is a call based upon a handful of principles that I know we are all
basically in agreement on.  And it is a good first step toward
re-constituting a movement that must be truly INTERNATIONAL in its scope if
it is to succeed.  Let us unite around this call.  Let us unite in our
support for the People's War and for Communism.

Support the Call.

Do it Now.

                            Louis Godena

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