The split among PCP supporters

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Sat Apr 20 00:58:20 MDT 1996

Even though I think I was the first to comment on contradictions
between Luis Quispe and Adolfo Olachaea, it is astonishing
to read Adolfo's statement "The PCP and RIM's Development" Friday 19th.

I suggested a while back at a time when the conflict between many l'st
members and the PCP supporters was sharpest, that the l'st is not a
friendly place for parties.

Now we have seen evidence of Louis Godena being expelled from the CPUSA,
the party of Scott Marshall and Charlotte, and Adolfo challenging Luis
in public in front of all their worst enemies (this is almost the one
bit of news of direct immediate interest from this l'st to capitalist
intelligence agencies that the split between supporters of the
PCP in London and New York has taken on a tone that appears to be
irreparable). Having said a few weeks back that he would continue
posting in a personal capacity, Adolfo has signed his statement
on behalf of Sol Peru London.

The pace of development of these contradictions has IMO undoubtedly
been intensified by the existence of this internet l'st.

There are many interesting lessons. I would accept at the time when
the controversy was sharpest that as Louis Proyect pointed out, this
l'st appeared to be the subject of concerted attack by a well organised
party. In this I think Louis spoke for the perceptions of many.

Nevertheless the force of that attack has got diffused and
complicated, and now the differences *within* that group are so great that
I assume one or other will be unable to continue posting.

Perhaps the simplest lesson is that it is in every subscriber's
direct and immediate self-interest to moderate themselves and
refrain from personally or politically abusive remarks.

Chris B, London.

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