Support the Mobilization... of three against two and one in the middle...

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Sat Apr 20 01:35:40 MDT 1996

>     Carlitos (the Brutish Elsequin),
      You are missing the point. Only in Boston on March 31
      we had 100 supporters attending the Conference of the MPP
      and w/o almost no propaganda. On June 1995, in Berlin
      2,000 people attended the Maoist rally in support of the People's
      War. In 1987, at Hunter College of NY, 600 people attended.
      Here in NY, we have 17 organizaciones that have send us
      statements of support. There is a real revolution and there
      are supporters around the globe. There are "positions", yes.
      There is struggle, yes. Nothing falls from the sky, everything
      that benefit the working class has been achieved with struggle.
      We debate openly among ourselves, that is the Leninist way.
      The bureaucratic way is to bring things top-down, no with us
      the masses must debate, let 100 flowers expose themselves on
      the sunlight. Tell your masters Fujimori and Clinton, to kiss my ass.

>     uhmmmmmm ..... mobilization of two against another two ...
>     one in Sweden making trouble to another three in the UK and US ...
>     four maoists and three different positions ..... these people
>     have no sense of the ridiculous ... Shiny Shit got transformed into
>     a diahrrea ...
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