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		I'm lecturer and reasercher in the Buenos Aires -Argentina-
University, journalist (in editorial area in a big newspaper -"Clarin"-,
and also co-editor of DOXA (from greek: opinion), an academic magazzine wich
has a radical, critical (leftist?) point of view on social sciences.
		I teach State Theory (one subject) and Administration and Public
Politics (other subject) in the Political Science School of the Social Science
Faculty (Buenos Aires University), I've been reaserching the national state
reform in Argentina -specially the public sector privatization process and
administrative reforms- since 1989, and I wrote several papers on this matter,
including theoric topics.
		I would like to make contact with people who enjoy the same issues, to
share information and opinions, and perhaps we could make a "sub" or "mini"
new list to discuss such specific points.
		I really apreciate the marxism list discussions, but I don't have the
time to follow all the posts. It's completely imposible to me reading more
than 20 posts per day, and follow with attention so many interesting
discussions (not to mention the mad, unpolite, delirious ones). So, I was
thinking of unsuscribe the list, but first, I would like to make new
		I apologize for my poor spanishspeaker english.
		Are there anyone who reads spanish?
		Finnally, are there anyone who likes to share language knowledges? For
instance, if somebody needs writting something in spanish and needs re-examine
it or correct it, I could do it, and he/she could do the same with my english
writtings. Do you know what I mean?


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