PERU: Violent Armed Struggle.

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SAN MARTIN. On February 20, 1996, PCP Maoist combatants executed
in combat a member of Dincote (political police) Jhony Yomona
Guivin. This clash occurred near the police base of Aguaytia on
the main highway of the province of Padre Abad (El Comercio,
February 22, 96) On March 3rd, the armed forces and police
violently clashed two contingents of the PCP People's Army of
Liberation. The guerrillas ambushed 13 police and 20 soldiers.
Both sides fought for 30 minutes in the localities of Tipishca
and Rio Seco. One soldier was severely wounded. On March 25th, 13
policemen clashed with a group of guerrilla fighters in the area
of Huaranguillo. The army stated that no loses on both sides
occurred. However, witnesses in nearby communities said that
several bodies were picked up from the battle field by the
military. (El Comercio March 25)
TOCACHE. On February 24, 1996, a violent clash between the PCP's
People's Army of Liberation and the reactionary armed forces of
Fujimori took place in the locality of Tipishca, district of
Nuevo Progreso. The guerrilla contingent withdrew from the center
of operations in an orderly manner. (El Comercio, February 27,
CAJAMARCA. On February 24, 1996, several guerrilla actions
occurred in the province of Celendin and the province of Santa in
Chimbote in Northern Peru. At least a dozen government buildings
and police stations were smashed. (El Comercio, February 25,
LIMA. On March 28, 1996, the pro-government paper El Mundo
reported that there was evidence that the PCP's urban guerrilla
activities have been reactivated in Huaycan and El Salvador, key
districts in metropolitan Lima. The execution of the government's
informant Pascuala Rosado, was the culmination of several
political and military actions of the Maoist guerrillas (March
28, 1996)
issue of March reported that "Sendero's" activities have been
surging steadily in Peru. Newsweek said that one indication of
this was the execution of police informant Pascuala Rosada who
operated for years in the Shantytown of Huaycan. Pascuala was
under SIN's (Peruvian CIA) "Witness Protection Program." However,
Newsweek repeats the old thesis of the government's
counterinsurgency advisors known as Senderologists. Its says:
"Sendero has no possibilities to win. Its support is only based
on FEAR in the Shantytowns. That's why very few people showed up
at the funeral of Pascuala Rosado." Didn't they say the same
story after the execution of the organizer of urban paramilitary
and SIN informant, Mela Moyano? (Expreso March 29, 1996)

On March 19, the government's mouthpiece Expreso, quoted police
analysts and Senderologists, lamenting the latest PCP guerrilla
actions. It listed the executions of several governors
(gobernadores) in the Huallaga Valley, attacks of the police
stations and ambushes of the reactionary army as wells as the
take over of cities and villages, threats to imperislist
businessmen and the cronies of Fujimori, including massive
paintings inn walls and distrobution of dazibaos/leaflets in the
last 15 days.
LIMA. On March 10, 1996, Agency France Press reported that an
intelligence source indicated that the PCP is "infiltrating the
poor neighborhoods of Lima, organizing people's schools and youth
organizations to reactivate itself." Police Senderologists
working in La Republica claimed that "Sendero still controls some
areas in the country, from which it can move its fighters to Lima
and try to reactivate its local Committees..." (La Republica,
March 11)
BOLIVIA. The Bolivian police reported that Peruvian Maoists have
penetrated the locality of Janco, near the border with Peru, and
have conducted armed assaults against government vehicles. Note.
The Bolivian government has signed a "counterinsurgency"
agreement with Fujimori and is providing logistic and military
aid to the dictator. (Expreso March 1996)
AYACUCHO. On March 18, 1996, the political-military command of
Ayacucho acknowledged that one of its patrols has suffered a
devastating ambush at the hands of the PCP's People's Army of
Liberation, and one Captain died. This guerrilla action occurred
on the 15th at 12 PM. in the locality of Huahuasana, District of
San Miguel, province of La Mar. (Expreso, March 19, 1996)
LIMA. On March 10, a guerrilla contingent dynamited the
headquarters of "Edelnor" (Electricity Company.) At the same time
another group, seized a wealthy supermarket. The first action
occurred at 5:35 AM (before working hours) in the District of San
Juan de Lurigancho where the guerrilla placed in the window .5
kilos of anfo. Two hours later, another group of Maoists seized
the supermarket of La Union in the Shantytown of Bayovar in the
District of San Juan de Lurigancho. (Most papers March 11, 96)

LIMA. On March 12, 1996, the yellow newspaper El Mundo reported
that police snitch and organizer of paramilitary groups in Villa
El Salvador, Michel Azcueta, was being indirectly threatened with
his life by the EDI. "In the article `Father Courage and
Paramilitary Groups,' Azcueta was ummasked of organizing a
"citizen's security plan," inspired in fascism. It is a new
modality of urban rondas."
El Mundo stated that government Senderologists ("political
analysts") sustain that "when Sendero denounced someone of
corruption or an organizer of paramilitary Rondas, it was a death
La Republica and El Mundo falsely claimed that EDI has accepted
the PCP authorship of the execution of Pascuala: "Sendero has
acknowledged the authorship of the PCP." The fact is that EDI has
eloquently described who Pascuala Rosado was, but there was no
mention that the PCP has claimed responsibility for her
execution, at all.

Note: Despite the countless crimes of the regime, the combative
people of Peru have no fear of continuing the armed struggle. It
is the reactionaries who have fear of the revolution, the
strategic equilibrium and the revolutionary justice. Whoever
claims that EDI speaks for the PCP Central Committee, is fooling
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