Adolfo: Champion Proletariat Poet!

Kevin Cabral kcabral at
Sat Apr 20 22:09:24 MDT 1996


	I've read all your poems, and really enjoy the most recent one you've
written on "right-wing Aunt Sally's," though my favorite remains the one
about "infantile left-wing running toads of Avakian-Amnesty International
funded imperialism."

	Anyways my request is, will you sign a photograph for me to put on
my "Tribute to Adolfo" homepage. I'm planning to collect a series of your
best poems, and diatribes to post as a tribute to your greatness. I think
the picture from Simon Strong's book, "Shining Path: Terror and Revolution
in Peru" with you holding that pretty red flag will do well. Interested?

Cols, Oh

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