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boddhisatva kbevans at
Sun Apr 21 00:38:16 MDT 1996

		Mr. Proyect,

	I'm afraid I have not seen much but a reformist undercurrent in your
remarks.  My class analysis, crudely put is that the petit bourgeoisie of the
natural resources industries are bourgeoisie, however difficult their
personal circumstances may be.  Although they are our fellow citizens they
are not our fellow proletarians.

	Small ranchers, loggers, farmers, fisherman, all create the political
climate that keeps the Boise-Cascade worker and the mine worker sympathetic
to their expropriators.  A logger that identifies with the problems that his
management and shareholders have, because they are similar to the problems
his ranching neighbor has is a dupe.  Economically he is part of the
proletariat, but politically he is a dangerous reactionary.

	Reformist measures to help the small, private natural resources owner
maintain his way o f life are undialectic, unwise and ill-conceived.
Socialist environmentalism relies on real class analysis, not a bleeding
heart.  While big business is certainly the culprit, small business is no


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