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Sun Apr 21 07:11:39 MDT 1996

>Greetings, comrade!
>Jay has been forwarding these documents to me; aparently you have my address
>wrong in the mailer.  it's rubyg580 (the g is left out)  I wanted to point
>this out, because I don't want to miss your messages.
>In a message dated 96-04-19 02:21:20 EDT, you write:

I am sorry about that Gina.  However I must tell you that I do not wnat to
hear you again shouting obscenities.  That lumpen behaviour is not comradely
behaviour and is very much imperialist bred workerist behaviour.  If you
have something to argue fine. But insults, keep them for yourself.  Quispe
has resoted to this method and for me he is finished.  So keep your powder
against the enemy - and then only when most strictly necessary.

If you think I am the enemy - you have not understood Chairman Mao's method.
You must read it yourself again, me thinks.  Struggle is struggle ad if
sounds harsh is because that is the level of the struggle.  I have not used
a single gross word.  Quispe and you have already.  However you accuse me of
being uncomradely.  Aren't you turning things on their heads?  Criticism
must be sharp but to the point.  Identifying liberalism is not a gross
insult if it is done with the spirit to save the patient.  You are reacting
too much and getting upset, that could be either a good sign or a bad one at
this moment.  We shall see.

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