Gina, Chris and Maoist Economics and socialism and starvation

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>Maoist agriculture was impressive but grossly unproductive. Hence the vaste
>reserves of labour power available to be tapped by the new capitalist
>tendencies in China now.
>This is the challenge to maoist economics.
>Chris B, London.
 Actually, this is quite untrue, even according to official Chinese
government figures.  An article in China Daily (pro-govt English language
newspaper published in China), April 10, 1996 reports these statistics:

Between 1949 (victory of the revolution) to 1984 (when the dismantling of
collectivisation in agriculture was complets) the increase in grain
production in China was 7.42% per year AVERAGE.  During the same years the
population growth averaged 2.46% per year, so grain production was climbing
far faster than population.

During the years 1984 to 1993 (last year full statistics are available) the
rate of increase of grain production slowed drastically, down to 1.34% in
1993.  Population growth also slowed, to 1.51% in 1993.  Thus, the increase
of grain production has falled below the rate of increase of population, and
experts predict that at sometime in the very near future grain production
will actually begin to decline.

These figures are from the  Chinese Academy of Science, reported in China
Daily, Apr.10,1996

Gina/ Detroit

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