Strike in Western Sahara occupied territories

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UGTSARIO Communique

Strike in the Western Sahara Phosphate Mines

Union General de Trabajadores de Saguia El-Hamray Rio de Oro
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Date:  1st April, 1996

The Saharawi workers in the phosphate mines in the occupied territories of
Western Sahara, have just started a strike, to protest against the bad working
conditions under which they have to work.  They are also asking Morocco to stop
plundering the wealth of their country.  Their action is a clear indication of
the rejection of the Saharawi people to the Moroccan occupation of their

The Saharawi workers and their families have occupied the headquarters of the
phosphate company "FOS  BUCRAA" in the capital of Western Sahara, El Ayoune.
They are calling for the improvement of their work conditions.

The Saharawi Trade Union  (UGTSARIO) launches an urgent appeal to all trade
unions and to the international community to express their solidarity with the
Saharawi workers and to support their demands for the improvement of their
conditions and respect for their legitimate rights.

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Western Sahara Update:

You may e-mail Martin Hughes, Co-ordinator of the Western Sahara Campaign  (UK)
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