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On Thu, 18 Apr 1996 20:33:28 -0400, Rubyg580 at wrote:

>In a message dated 96-04-18Brian Carnell wrote:
>>China is being saved, and it is capitalism that is doing it.  Noticed how
>>China's GDP has seen astouding growth even with its limited experiments
>>pseudo-capitalistic enterprises?  And it'll get a huge boost from the
>>capitalist Hong Kong which makes China's per capita GDP look like almost
>>nothing (I suppose the Marxists will only be satisfied when Hong Kong is as
>>poor as China).
>Man, why don't you go back to business school where you belong.
>If you're so into capitalism, what the hell are you doing on the Marxism
>list, slumming?

I would immensely hate business school, Gina, though thanks for the
suggestion.  Does this mean no one on the list is willing to discuss
China's increase in per capita GDP?


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