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Subj:  Freedom Forum for Peltier
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Washington, DC, June 26 & 27

June 26--The American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Ward Circle Building #1                     11:00--6:00
Speakers, music, and video to educate the public to the plight of Leonard
Peltier! Among our invited speakers are: Canadian Parliament Official Warren
Allmand, National Congress of American Indians Vice-President Ernie Stevens
Jr, Rev. Jesse Jackson, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, activist
David Dellinger, organizer Edgar Bear Runner and others...
Video presentations of Edgar Bear Runner's Dear Mr. President, Robert
Redford's Incident at Oglala, and Dennis Banks' new music video.

June 27--U.S. Capital Building
at West Front Lower Terrace--Morning ceremony, rally, and native drumming
Room HC5--Meeting with Congressional members (9-11)
  Press Conference (11-noon)
  Lobby/Strategy forum (noon-1)
Delegations will be formed for lobbying purposes. If you are interested in
lobbying for JUSTICE please, let us know!

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