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At 4:32 AM 4/22/96, hariette spierings wrote:

>Gina, this may come as a "shock" to you, but if you do not believe me, you
>look it up yourself - I can guarantee you that it is in Mao's works.  It is
>time you do some studying yourself and get of your armchair for a while.
>This is no longer the RCP where everything is given to you chewed up and
>cooked - down to the last details of "organisation" - by an omniscient
>leader  (no wonder the RCP never went anywhere but in circles) - and,
>moreover, Mao's quote goes more or less like this[...]

I love this. The RCP follows a live leader for guidance; "this," whatever
precisely that means, follows a dead one. A crucial difference.



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