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Mon Apr 22 11:07:46 MDT 1996

>This is an automatic message sent to you after your vote has been counted.
>If this is correct, there is no need for you to reply. If your vote is
>registered incorrectly then please vote again so we can fix it.
>You may change your vote by voting again.  This is a public vote, and
>all addresses and votes will be listed in the final voting results.
>To erase your vote and eliminate your address and vote from the final
>results listing, vote again and use a CANCEL in place of YES or NO.
>                                          <fhjaoiser-0001>
>Voter address: malecki at
>Voter name:    Robert Malecki
>  (Real names are required for this vote.  If this is not your
>   real name, then please give it here and return this entire
>   message or your vote may be designated as invalid later ).
>  Give your real name here:
>     YES vote on soc.politics.marxism
>Thank you for voting.  For a copy of the Call For Votes (CFV), reply to me,
>indicating which vote you want the CFV for (I may be running several).
>                                  -- Brennan T. Price, UVV
>				     gt0670e at
>                                     Running UseVote 3.0

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