GDP and grain production in China

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>Brian says,
>> I would immensely hate business school, Gina, though thanks for the
>suggestion.  Does
>> this mean no one on the list is willing to discuss China's increase in
>per capita GDP?
>I'll discuss it. But, I think Brian left a letter off when he talks about
>China's increase in per capita GDP. It should be GDPN  "As long as a few
>can get rich, who cares about the poor. GDPN - Give the Damn Poor Nothing!"

I'll comment on it too.  What does "GDP per capita" mean?  It means all
the wealth produced in the country, divided by all the people in the country.

So you come out with what looks like a decent per capita income.  Only,
that division is only statistical, only on paper.

In real life, where it counts, the vast majority of the wealth produced goes
not to the people who produce it but to those who own the means of
production:  In China's case, all the imperialist exploiters who have been
invited in by the new capitalist regime, and the Chinese bourgeoisie who
cooperate with the imperialists.  Just like every other oppressed third
world country.

And while GDP is going up, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,
grain production has slowed to below the rate of population growth.  There
are reports of peasants in the countryside seeking to re-collectivise in
order to reverse this trend of slowing grain production, to re-establish
the GROWTH (7.5% per year) of grain production that existed during
the socialist period and was DESTROYED by Brian's much-loved capitalist

Gina/ Detroit

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