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>It's worth pointing out that this trend of "stealing" working class
>anniversaries is alive and well.  Clinton's crime bill has a provision to
>make May 1 "National Law Enforcement Day".  We've gone full circle, from
>celebrating the Haymarket martyrs to "celebrating" their executioners.
>Also, it's worth pointing out that the Indian government under Indira
>Ghandi made Lenin's b'day a national holiday while they were massacring
>the Maoists after the Naxalbari uprising.  They even issued a postage stamp.

The above exchange has prompted this:


In the imperialist countries, the New fascist development of the imperialist
state continues apace too, to go along with the bourgeoisie's frantic
attempts at ideological, political, economic and military disarmament of the
working class, as expressed by the gigantic anti-Marxist campaign they have
been carrying on for the last 22 years.

This is a new and unprecedented campaign geared to outright negation of the
achievements of Marxism, in its three stages of development.

Consider, in this context, the following declarations, not from any
"ultra-left" MP or similar blabbermouth type of thundering politician raving
of "pigs this, pigs the other", but by a former Police Chief Constable
(Overall police commader in Devon and Cornwall, one of the regional police
forces of the British state):

John Alderton, according to The Independent on Sunday, has this to say:
"....the British police ..(is)....a macho reactionary force".

He said that Britain is "locked in a vicious spiral of building more prisons
and incarcerating people who will later come out and commit more crime".

Chief Constable Alderton accusses Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, of
using the language of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco by proclaiming: "give me
your liberties and I will protect you"  Politicians, he adds, "see criminal
justice rather than social policy as the best way to contain the underclass".

Alderton said that the violence in Ireland "and the miners strike have led
to the police using violence against civilians.  The past twenty years have
seen longhanded batons, CS Gas, plastic bullets and mounted police charges
becoming commonplace........the majority of the police much prefer to be
part of a macho reactionary force riding around in cars, sweeping down on

He warned that (the government's decision) to let MI5 take on policing
duties risked allowing spies to threaten the liberty of the citizen. "It is
fatal to let the secret service into the area of ordinary crime.....
(MI5)....infiltrates organisations, people's jobs and lifes. They operate
almost like a cancer".

"At the moment the acorn of a Stasi has been planted.  It is here for future
governments to build on".

Of course Mr. Alderton expresses only the views of an old style liberal
shocked at the logical and inevitable development of the imperialist state
and the concomitant proliferation of decay this generates in the body social
and the body political.  His solutions are only paliatives conceived within
the bourgeois horizon of society.

While Alderton proposes to restore the police role in "protecting the common
good and recognising that people had the right to strike and protest against
the new roads" and expresses that the police's motivation must not be "only
power" but that it should be "based in the community", and even recognises
that neither Labour nor the Conservatives "could be trusted to defend
liberty", he ends up by proposing that the European Convention on Human
Rights should be made into British Law".

Of course this last would mean the development of even a more intrusive
state, a state that can only follow the logic of the imperialist state, and
simply develop more violence against people and more Stasi to control them
unless counteracted by the social revolution's consummation.

However, these opinions of Alderton are interesting to note if we are to try
to understand the current developments in these countries and try to find a
correct standpoint from which to apply the Marxist ideology towards a
revolutionary way out of this impasse between the best intentions of people
leading into the worst results for society as a whole.

The "stealing of working class anniversaries", the stealing, distortion,
attack, caricature, vilification, imprisonment or character and actual
assassassination of working class heroes, and in particular the Classics of
Marxism, but also of symbols, traditions, etc., inscribes itself as the
ideological equivalent of this control.

That is why the Peruvian bourgeosie carries on a vilification campaign not
only against the People's War and the Communist Party, but also against
Chairman Gonzalo, today, particularly with the "peace agreement plot", and
the attempts at potraying and engineering phoney "divisions in the ranks of
the PCP", attempts with which they attempt to present him as a mountebank
and a traitor to his own cause.

Alongside, and even preceding his "attempted ideological assassination",
they carried an equally clumsy publicity campaign to vilify his personal
character, presenting him as a drunken fool, fond of women and wine, etc,
idly living from exploiting his "fanatized followers".

The role of the RCP-USA and the Co-RIM has been that of international
counterparts of this effort to contain, distort, caricature, vilify,
character assasinate and political and ideologic destroy one of the most
important revolutionary leaders of the proletariat and oppressed peoples
since the foundation of Marxism.

A history of the "peace agreement plot" in Peru, and its various
ramifications, is a must to understand the various tools that imperialism
and reaction are currently using for these ends - which, in essence, are no
different than that of appropriating or insulting the worker's holiday
(First of May) in the manner commented above.

In that sense, to defend the Peruvian revolution from those who would
distort, caricature, vilify or character assasinate it is indisolubly linked
to the struggle to defend and uphold the traditions, leaders and great
historical achievements of the proletariat in its still relatively short

Here in London, there is a May Day is May First, Red May Day, Fighting May
Day spirit among a relatively small - but even so, sufficiently massive to
serve as a social basis for a much wider movement once inspired with new
vigour  - section of the working people.

The fact that May First is only celebrated in a combative and militant
fashion by a small section of the proletariat as a whole, is the result of
years and years of this process of ideological and political disarmament.
This long developing "ideological remoulding of the working masses into
bourgeoisified workers" in Britain is facilitated by imperialist plunder,
but even so, this spirit is now entering into reverse.

However, the bourgeois labour party - the bureaucrats and labour aristocracy
party, seeks to turn the workers holiday into a day without major political
significance, confining it to the closest Sunday, and staging jamborees to
detract of its significance. The trotskysts prefer to hold their "tickets
only" Gimkhana's on the Saturday's.

It was anti-revisionist communists, mainly Maoists in the sixties and
seventies and early eighties who began agitating for a restoration of the
May Day proletarian and militant character after many years of neglect
following labourite action in the sense above.

Today, these Red May is May First rallies are sponsored by the rank-and file
unions and quite a few "left" MPs from the labour Party who have managed to
climb atop this smallish bandwagon.

Currently, such marches attract maybe 10 thousand people, mainly Turkish,
Kurdish, and other foreign workers and some few hundresd of trade union people.
The third world workers and the most radical union workers and revolutionary
politicos, normally carry the banners of the proletarian leaders, Marx,
Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao, as well as banners from the
revolutionary parties and workers organisations of their own countries, some
with the faces of third world guerilla leaders lovingly painted in great
swathes of red cloth.

Divertion of the working class revolutionary energy into bourgeois channels
and vertical style struggles, (bourgeois feminism, bourgeois gay movement,
bourgeois ecological movement, etc) are part and parcel of the weakening and
undermining mechanisms the bourgeoisie uses to ideologically and politically
disarm the working class.

A struggle to revitalise its traditions and ideological fervour is central
for the morale of the revolutionary class, and also that of the democratic
masses that see in the proletarian the only alternative to the current
social disorder and decay of the bourgeois order not leading into the new
fascist, genocidal, historical dennoument the imperialist bourgeosie is
taking the world into.

This task can only be carried to victory by an authentic Marxist,
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist leadership in this country, and that cannot be but a
lenghty process for which the ideological foundations are still to be laid

However, the People's War in Peru, acting as an objective lesson and focus
to galvanise the existing cadres of the class, who are not that few, and
possibly more seasoned and more abundant and tempered leaders - with not as
many crackpots and posseurs like in the sixties, and without the shadow of
the lumpen elements posing as "great rebels" who have recently been giving
"Maoism" a bad name.  People capable od contributing to develop the United
Front of the proletariat in the direction of counter-acting the ideological,
political, economical, military and social influence of the bourgeosie upon
the labouring people.  Conditions for this development are daily increasing.

The World Wide Conference in Support of The People's War, the immediate task
the Maoist forces at the international level have set themselves, at the
initiative of El Diario Internacional, the Belgian MPP, the Brussels and
London Sol-Peru Committees, should result in a boost for the achievement of
this task and a defeat for the caricaturisation of the ideology of the
class, confining to the museum of "monsters of the past" and other "awesome
Maoists" like Bobby Avakian and his minor imitators, people who have brought
our movement into disrepute, and contributed to alienating it from its roots
and from the only class that can sustain, develop and empower it to achieve
its tasks.

Lets get to work then!

Adolfo Olaechea

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