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>> Gary wrote:
>> >Chris B., Charlotte, Gina, Jay, Luis Q., Luis Godena, Chatterjee, Cronin,
>> >Matt D. have all said nothing.  Do they support Olechea's position?
>> I suspect others may feel as I do, that your yapping is not even worthy
>> of a reply.  It is not a serious concern of yours, why should we bother
>> with something you are not really caring about.  You aren't really wanting
>> to discuss the class struggle, gay liberation or the emancipation of
>> anybody.  Here is what you really want:
>> >Why am I here then? well I have returned mostly out of anger at the vulgar
>> >triumphalism of the Maoists. "Great victory" indeed.  I was determined to
>> >show them that in the words of the great American phimosopher, Yogi Berra,
>> >"It ain't over till it's over."
>> You aren't here to help further the world revolution.  You who tried to
>> censor the revolutionaries on the list, failed in the attempt, were
>> humiliated and you fled in shame.  Finding no lodging appropriate for
>> your liking, you came back, all full of noise and smoke, telling Proyect to
>> "sic 'em, Lou, get them for making me look like a fool."  To Proyect's
>> credit, he did not allow himself to be used in your small game.  In your
>> own words you are only here for the purpose to "show them".  When you
>> could not get someone else to do your dirty work for you, you rummaged
>> around in your moldy luggage looking for a weapon however blunt and puny
>> to use against your foes, reaching back decades and decades before most
>> of us even born and thinking you find something, you embarrass yourself in
>> front of the denizens of this list who all know what your small endevour is
>> all about.  Even your few allies in this ploy do not really kid themselves
>> that you are concerned with "emancipation".  You wish to save face and
>> be somebody, hero or something, it is kinda sad.  You are only appearing
>> more and more counter-revolutionary.
>> Yes, I believe Gina and others are "busy with the two lines."  The two
>> line struggle over the way forward and around the World Mobilisation
>> Commission are very important.  You and your baiting are only like my
>> small dogs yapping and nipping at the heels while we are involved in
>> things so important you cannot even know.  Your anger and backwardness
>> blind you to them.  You puff up with pride over your good class background
>> but you have nothing to do with proletarian ideology or proletarian
>> revolution.  You spend time continous attacking the proletarian
>> revolution.  Get up off it.  You should remold your world outlook, if
>> people from other classes can take up the proletarian ideology, surely
>> it will not be much harder for you (if indeed you are a proletarian)
>> than it was for them.
>> I should not even have taken these couple minites to bother with you.
>> I sincerely hope you find your way out of the swamp you find yourself in.
>> Jay Miles / Detroit
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>Yes Comrade Jay!
>It is notorious practice of Trotskyites and other anti-communists
>to only support 'revolution' except where it actually is happening.
>Comrade Stalin and the Bolsheviks that struggled hard to defend the USSR
>in the 1930s against counter-revolution inside and outside the USSR might
>have made errors. But they are like the eagle who sometimes swoops low
>over the farmyard. The Trots are like the farmyard fowls who flap their
>wings and make a lot of noise but never soar like the eagle.
>It is only the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists of the world who accept the
>heritage and legacy of the international communist movement. The mistakes
>of those communist revolutionaries who have gone before are our mistakes
>too. We know that only those who do nothing make no mistakes.
>Similarly, we pride ourselves in knowing that the greatest successes in
>actually making revolution in the world has been the result of upholding,
>defending and applying genuine communism as it developed from Marxism
>into Marxism-Leninism and today into Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
>It will only be a matter of time before the phoney Marxists start
>devoting their time to attacking the Maoist Communist Party of Nepal
>which launched the People's War on February 13, 1996.
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>long live the heroic peoples struggle,

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