marxists & gay liberation

Matt D. afn02065 at
Tue Apr 23 08:57:11 MDT 1996

Gary rants:

>Now the arch equivocator himself turns up as Matt D.


>His tactic is to use a
>mock dialog to  build a straw opponent and then knock him down.

The fact that your position is comparable in strength to a house
made of straw is not my creation, nor my problem.

>He cannot stop himself bringing up "pderasty". I
>presume  he means paedophilia

Sorry, didn't mean to offend the pedophiles.  I'll be more careful
in the future.  In any event, you're the one who brought up the
peder--, uh, pedophile Foucault, right?

My own feeling is that pedophilia is ultimately not that big a
problem for "gay liberation."  After all, most adult-child sex
is between men and girls, right?

I just wanted to point out some of the implications of the "turn to
Foucault" that *you* identified -- implications that are problematic
for the whole concept of "sexual liberation" of whatever sort.

>Once this list was a place where people's good faith was assumed.  The PCP
>camarilla changed all that.

Isn't that the truth!  Counter-revolutionary scum like you and
your ilk certainly didn't hesitate to come out of the closet when
the opportunity presented itself to slander revolutionaries.
Naive folks like me, who did indeed formerly assume people's
good faith, have had to learn to be more careful.

>Matt d. the great emancipator asks me to keep the wailing and gnashing about
>the USSR in 1934 down to a reasonable level.  Who decides what is a
>reasonable level?  Gays or Stalinophiliacs?  Who decides discussion of the
>extermination of the Jews under Hitler or their persecution under Stalin is
>at a reasonable level?

Well, here you go again <sigh>...

>I also asked about the criminalisation of abortion in Stalin's Russia in
>1936.  D. says  "see above".  This piece of evasion won't do.

This "piece of evasion", Gary, was a statement that the subject
requires concrete historical investigation.  Even Foucault could
probably agree w/ that, don't you think?

-- Matt "On the one hand... but then again, on the other..." D.

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