GDP and grain production in China

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> >Brian says,
> >>
> >>I would immensely hate business school, Gina, though thanks
> >>for the suggestion.  Does this mean no one on the list is
> >>willing to discuss China's increase in
> >per capita GDP?
> >
> >Jokoe says,
> >I'll discuss it. But, I think Brian left a letter off when he
> >talks about China's increase in per capita GDP. It should be
> >GDPN. "As long as a few can get rich, who cares about the poor."
> >To me, GDPN means. "Give the Damn Poor Nothing!"
> Gina said,
> I'll comment on it too.  What does "GDP per capita" mean?  It means
> all the wealth produced in the country, divided by all the people in
> the country.
> So you come out with what looks like a decent per capita income.
> Only, that division is only statistical, only on paper.
> In real life, where it counts, the vast majority of the wealth
> produced goes not to the people who produce it but to those who own
> the means of production:  In China's case, all the imperialist
> exploiters who have been invited in by the new capitalist regime,
> and the Chinese bourgeoisie who cooperate with the imperialists.
> Just like every other oppressed third world country.
> And while GDP is going up, the rich get richer and the poor get
> poorer, grain production has slowed to below the rate of population
> growth.  There are reports of peasants in the countryside seeking to
> re-collectivise in order to reverse this trend of slowing grain
> production, to re-establish the GROWTH (7.5% per year) of grain
> production that existed during the socialist period and was DESTROYED
> by Brian's much-loved capitalist restoration.
> From JoKoe, a North Dakota Marxist
>You couldn't say it any clearer Gina. Brian's crap about the China's per
capita GDP is bull s-it, and his ideas that per capita wealth is climbing
in China, is nothing more than smoke. Some a--holes in China may get rich
for a while dealing with capitalists, but their wealth is transitory, and
will end, when capitalists, no longer need them to carry out the new
exploitation of China. The so called capitalist enterprises, being
conducted in China today, do nothing to help the Chinese people as a whole.
The pseudo-capitalists a--holes betray their own people, and a socialist
system, that brought end to 3,000 years of vile totalitarian exploitation,
that existed from the Shang to the Manchus dynsty in 1912; and which
continued, until Ciang Kai-shek was driven from China.

  Even in the U.S., the GDP is false. In the U.S. 80 percent of the
wealth is owned by 20 percent of the population, which makes up the "true
capitalist class"; and controlled by 5 percent of the capitalists, who are
the super rich. The remaining 20 percent of the nation's wealth is
disseminated downward, in the hands of 60 percent, of the remaining 80
percent, of the population, which is the true "non-capitalist class." This
60 percent is "commonly referred to" as the middle class. It's their
efforts, which drive the entire U.S. economy, and give the world, false
impression that everyone in the U.S. is wealthy. This may appear so, when
the existence of U.S. citizens, is compared to the citizens of third world
nations. But, in reality, the "supposed" 20 percent of wealth, possessed
by the non-capitalist middle class, is not wealth at all. At best, it can
only be called "transitory wealth," because it's made up of the incomes,
and investments, of the "so called middle class." Transitory wealth, is
that wealth possessed for use, and can only be retained if the "employee-
owner" continues to work. Because the tangable property wealth, of the "so
called middle class," is owned under mortage, to banks controlled by
capitalists, this wealth can only be viewed as "transitory wealth." If the
"so called middle class" does not continue a pattern of continuous
employment, this property wealth, which the middle class is so proud of,
is lost when employment ceases, and salary or wage is terminated;
when the property deteriorates; or when taxes or costs for ownership,
strip the wealth, from the user, and returns it to a bank owned by the
capitalist. In short, the so called U.S. middle class in the U.S.
don't even own their own wealth. It's owned by the capitalists, and is
only used by the middle class if they continue working to make money for
the capitalists!
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