marxists & gay liberation

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Tue Apr 23 14:04:09 MDT 1996

Louis, to compare my rather simple question about whether there is a
relation between low birth rates and official homophobia with the superb
detailed posts you have provided us with is silly.

I should note again that the criminalization of homosexuality in both
Germany and the Soviet Union seem to be an expression of  a 'atavastic'
neo-mercantalist concern with population growth.   But this is a question,
not a real substantial discussion.  If anyone can please say more about the
criminalization of homosexuality or  population and reproduction policies
in general, please do.

There is unfortunately no discussion of the Soviet Union in Maria Sophia
Quine's excellent survey from Routledge: Population Policies in 20th
Century Europe (1996).  Also Quine only makes passing reference to
anti-homosexual policy in her incisive discussions of  pro-natalism in
Italty and France after WWI.

Louis,  many of us are deeply appreciative of your integrity and concern.
By the way, I also read Robert Williams' work on export agriculture on
Central America.  I think it was very helpful of you to review that
important work for this line.

Thanks again,

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