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Hi to everyone,

  It's a shame, when I hear a bunch of misguided individuals, take
up the cause of capitalistic exploitation. These psuedo-capitalists
have a cock-a-mamey idea, that because they have a job that pays
better than minimum wage; hold title to a house; possess a car; and
have a telephone and television set, they are in some way capitalists.
They should look in their wallets, or purses, and count the number of
credit cards they hold. They should count the years left on house
morgages, car loans, and credit card purchases, as well as the amount
of interest they pay to lenders every year. These fools don't seem to
realize, it's the sweat of their backs, that fills the coffers of true
  These pseudo-capitalists think they own things, which capitalism gave
them. The fact of the matter is, they don't own a damn thing. It's like
the fancy dog house, my neighbor built in his yard for his old rottwheiler
dog. The dog thinks it owns the house. Technality says, my neighbor owns
the dog house, and the dog. In reality, my neighbor doesn't own enything.
The bank owns him, his house, the dog house, and the dog. And, guess who
owns the bank? Why, of course, the bank is owned by the capitalist. The
only thing my neighbor owns is, an obligation to pay the bank with sweat
of his endeavor, feed the dog, and keep it chained to the dog house, so
it won't bite another's person's offspring. My self-proclaimed capitalist
neighbor, is chained just as securely by the capitalist, as that old
rottwheiler is chained to the dog house. What my neighbor really owns is
his endeavor, his effort, or his labor. But, if ownership of endeavor,
effort, or labor is taken from my neighbor by the capitalist, he owns
  This is what Marx was explaining, in the "Labor Theory of Value." All
wealth and property, is derived from a worker's labor, and if individuals
seize ownership of a worker's endeavor, effort, labor, and the property
gained by such endeavor, effort, or labor in the society, by manipulation
of capital, or imposition of their status in society, or their power, they
are capitalists, and are wrong.
  Because mankind is a transitory creature on earth, and in society, all
endeavor, effort, and value from labor, which leads to the acclumination,
development, or improvement of property within a society, is also transitory
in nature. Therefore, ownership of such wealth, and property, must belong to
the society, in which it was accumulated, developed, or improved.
  Marx recognized, that "some" within society would be endowed by nature,
with ability over others. And, he realized that "all" within society would
have needs, the same as others. Because of this, Marx stated, "in a proper
society, all would contribute, according to their abilities, and each would
take according to their needs." Is this not a basis of Christianity? Is it
not the basis of a family? Is society not a family of mankind?
  The capitalists, in society who believe, they've a right to feed on others,
suffer from the vile disease of elitism and greed, which they spread without
care for society itself. Psuedo-capitalists who preach the corruption, without
understanding it's vile nature, will perish from the disease, just as sure as
others, who are exploited in callous nature. The psuedo-capitalists wh percieve
themselves as beneficiaries of capitalism have a definite illness, which my
grandmother called "proud flesh!"
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