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At 12:26 AM 4/23/96 -0700, Jay wrote:
>Gary wrote:
>>Chris B., Charlotte, Gina, Jay, Luis Q., Luis Godena, Chatterjee, Cronin,
>>Matt D. have all said nothing.  Do they support Olechea's position?
>I suspect others may feel as I do, that your yapping is not even worthy
>of a reply.  It is not a serious concern of yours, why should we bother
>with something you are not really caring about.  You aren't really wanting
>to discuss the class struggle, gay liberation or the emancipation of
>anybody.  Here is what you really want:
ould not get someone else to do your dirty work for you, you rummaged
>around in your moldy luggage looking for a weapon however blunt and puny
>to use against your foes, reaching back decades and decades before most
>of us even born and thinking you find something, you embarrass yourself in
>front of the denizens of this list who all know what your small endevour is
>all about.  Even your few allies in this ploy do not really kid themselves
>that you are concerned with "emancipation".  You wish to save face and
>be somebody, hero or something, it is kinda sad.  You are only appearing
>more and more counter-revolutionary.
>Yes, I believe Gina and others are "busy with the two lines."  The two

This Maoist has not answered anything re the criminalisation of gays in 1934
or the criminalisation of abortion in 1936 in Stalin's russia.

It is it seems more important to go on about Avakian's (who?) black vomit.

Let me be clear here.  what is at stake is nothing less than the status of
Marxism as an emancipatory movement, specifically  in how it relates to the
oppressed.  I have insisted on emancipation being central to this debate
because historical experience of Stalinist influenced regimes and groups is
that they become anti-emancipatory.  And at this juncture in the 20th C. we
cannot go to the "masses" of the advanced capitalist world with anything
less than a full emancipatory program.  If we fail to do this then
capitalism will win every time.

I  have chosen two significant moments in history.  1934 and 36.  They are
too long ago for Maoists it would seem.  But of course for Marxists there
should be no question of the relevance of these moments.  Behind the
criminalisation of homosexuality and the criminalisation of abortion was
nothing less than the counter revolution.  To minimise the extent  of this
the  Maoists have to down play how progressive and brilliantly free Lenin's
Russia was in the  fields of culture and sexuality.  But one has only to
compare the dreary accomplishments of the Social Realist with those of the
dazzling Constructivists to realise that in the thirties Stalin did lead a
counter revolution.

I have  already posted on the connection between this and the launch of the
Popular Front by Dimitrov in 1935.

So I will not repeat the case here.  But to sum up personal abuse will not
conceal the silence and in this case silence is consent.


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