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>Yes Comrade Jay!
>It is notorious practice of Trotskyites and other anti-communists
>to only support 'revolution' except where it actually is happening.
>Comrade Stalin and the Bolsheviks that struggled hard to defend the USSR
>in the 1930s against counter-revolution inside and outside the USSR might
>have made errors. But they are like the eagle who sometimes swoops low
>over the farmyard. The Trots are like the farmyard fowls who flap their
>wings and make a lot of noise but never soar like the eagle.

Who I wonder is C?  An australian Maoist. I thought they no longer existed.
Sigh. I was wrong.  There is one in Canberra.  I could not think of a nicer
place for them to be though this winter.

But maybe C. when he stops soaring  like an eagle might try and address
himself  to some specifics of theory or practice.


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