marxists & gay liberation

Roberto Delacruz mlm at
Tue Apr 23 21:46:17 MDT 1996

I haven't followed this thread too closely, but wasn't it Lenin who said
that "a communist is expected to devote greater attention to the tasks of
tomorrow, and not of yesterday".  I know relatively little about the
issue of how Lenin and Stalin and the CPSU made policy on gay liberation,
I suspect industrialization and the rise of fascism were the big worry.

So,as someone who upholds Stalin and Mao, I'd think that a future
revolutionary policy would have to address the issue of gay liberation in
its program.  I imagine such a program would be based on the needs of the
people and concrete social and political conditions, not by modeling it
on events that occured 60 years ago in a culture substantially different
>from our own.

Arguing that repression of homosexuality and socialist realism is proof
of Stalin's counter-revolution is like saying that the "sexual
revolution" of the 1960s is proof America underwent a revolution.
Imperialism doesn't seem any softer now that sexual matters are more
open.  If anything, it seems to have hightened the trend towards extreme
individualism in American culture.

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