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 >> Yes, yes, and yes again!  There is no place for freehold farming under
socialism.  The petit bourgeois farmer has been, is and always will be a
social base for reaction.

 If capitalism takes care of collectivization for us, I say, "Thank you very
much.  One less problem for us to solve." <<Matt D.

 Jon Flanders:

  I beg to differ. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, inherently progressive
about the huge corporate hog farms, dairy farms etc., that are driving the
small farmer off the land. These enterprises pollute on a massive scale, and
promote the worst kind of practices in animal husbandry involving BST, and
other drugs. We need to keep up the level of pus in our milk  you know!

  Far from solving a problem, these monstrosities are another toxic cleanup
that will have to be done after a socialist transformation.

  The Cuban revolution has been a real laboratory for agriculture. Currently
they are turning many former state farms into co-operatives. They still have a
large population of small farmers, who are supporters of the revolutionary
process. Cuba never went in for the kind of forced collectivisation that
Stalin carried out in the Soviet Union.

  The small farmer is part of a middle-class layer that can be won to the
workers corner. Practically every major union struggle I have been part of in
the last few years has had the active support of some small farmers. It will
never happen if you write them off from the start.

 Best, Jon Flanders

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